Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Kradle" The Best Baby Bump!

I get a little emotional when I look at these pictures. You see this BEAUTIFUL pregnant lady waited 11 years to be in this "condition" and as her BFF of 20 years I felt so excited when I found out the news it was as if it were me pregnant! She is such an amazing women, mother, wife and friend! Congrats my Marissa!

It was an HONOR to do this shoot!! XOXO

(but if we were really close you would be naming her after me, just sayin :P )


John and Marissa said...

Aaaah! I LOVE this! Thank you soooo much for doing this for me. I really feel silly being on the "other side," but I am so appreciative. This pregnancy thing may never happen again, so I gotta get some awesome snaps from my awesome friend!!

Artist said...

Beautiful photos. YOu have been able to capture her beauty and life, and the joy of her being pregnant!